Payment Terms and Conditions

Payment terms are divided into the following fare types: Adult, Child, Student, and Senior.

Amendment Terms

Passengers may amend bookings prior to travel. An amendment is a change in travel date, stop, or service. The amount of refund is determined by the fare type purchased and the time prior to departure that the amendment is made.  To qualify as an amendment, the new journey must be ticketed on the same day that the original journey is canceled, and any additional fares must be paid in full at that time. Up to two hours prior to departure: A fare can be credited towards an alternative service. If the alternative service is more expensive, the additional fare charge will apply. If it is less expensive, no refund can be claimed.

Within two hours of departure, no amendments are allowed

Cancellation Terms

Up to 24 hours prior to departure a full refund can be claimed but may include an administration fee depending on the type of fare. Up to two hours prior to departure a fare can be credited towards an alternative service. If the alternative service is more expensive, the additional fare charge will apply. If it is less expensive, no refund can be claimed.

If events out of our control such as road closures or adverse weather conditions force the cancellation of your service, we will transfer your booking to the next available service or we can give a full refund if the event is out of our control and the service is canceled.


Checked Luggage / Baggage

  • Up to one piece per person weighing a maximum of 20kg each per person.  Each piece of luggage should not exceed total dimensions (length + width + height) of 158cm (62 inches)
  • If your wheelchair is not powered by a battery containing acid, and if it can collapse down to fit within the Checked Luggage size and weight dimensions it can be count as your Checked Luggage entitlements.
  • Extra luggage may be carried subject to space available at a cost of $10.00 per item per sector payable to the driver.  Please note we cannot guarantee the carriage of extra luggage on any specific travel date or service.
  • Please label luggage to your final destination, as we cannot accept responsibility for unlabelled luggage
  • Chilly bins, boxes, and bags carrying food and frozen goods will not be accepted for transportation
  • Akaroa French Connection carries checked luggage subject to the Carriage of Goods Act 1979


Carry On Items

  • For safety reasons each customer is limited to one item (max 5kg)
  • If you are traveling with a baby you may take a collapsible pushchair or carrycot and one extra piece of luggage
  • Handbags, umbrellas, walking sticks, and other aids are permitted
  • As we are a passenger service, we do not carry freight or unaccompanied luggage
  • Chilly bins, boxes, and bags carrying food and frozen goods will not be accepted for transportation
  • Akaroa French Connection carries carry on luggage subject to the Carriage of Goods Act 1979

Larger items (eg, bicycles, surfboards etc)

  • "Larger items" are heavier than 20kg or exceeding total dimensions of 158cm (refer to our Checked Luggage terms above)
  • These may be carried, subject to space availability on each sector traveled (limit - 1 per person). Please note we cannot guarantee carriage on any specific travel date or service. 
  • Cost $10.00 per item, per sector and is payable to the driver
  • If you wish to take a bike with you as luggage, please contact us in advance of travel so we can inform the driver.  This may make it easier for him/her to leave space for your bike. Bikes will be charged at an additional $10 per bike each way.
  • If the wheelchair cannot be collapsed down to fit our Checked Luggage size and weight dimensions, this Larger Items policy applies.  We are unable to carry wheelchairs powered by batteries containing battery acid. 


We are unable to carry animals on board our coaches. Guide dogs are welcome on board and are the only exception.


Under the provisions of the Smoke-Free Environments Act (1990), coach services are required to be smoke-free, including on-board rest-rooms, where provided.

Passenger Ability

Passengers must be able to stand unaided when boarding and disembarking the coach. Passengers who require somebody to lift them on and off the coach must arrange for this assistance at pick up and drop off points. For health and safety reasons, drivers are not permitted to participate in the carrying of passengers. Passengers are advised that Akaroa French Connection operates coaches designed for long-distance travel and that these coaches may feature steps into the coach as well as internal stairways to passenger seating areas.

Carriage of Motorised Wheelchairs & Scooters

Due to the classification of battery acid as a hazardous material, Akaroa French Connection services are unable to store and/or carry motorised wheelchairs or motorised mobility scooters on any service.


  • Infants must travel with an adult parent or guardian over the age of 18 (one infant per paying adult)
  • The infant must be carried on the adult's lap in order to travel for free.  (Infants will not allocated seats).
  • If a seat is required, an additional booking must be made and paid for.

Unaccompanied Minors

A minor is deemed by Cityline to be someone aged 7 -12 inclusive. A minor is deemed to be unaccompanied if they are not accompanied by a person over the age of 18 years. No child less than 7 years old may travel alone.


General & Timetables

Timetables published by Akaroa French Connection are indicative only. Akaroa French Connection reserves the right to alter prices and timetables and to arrange alternative transport, routes, or sightseeing services without notice.